About TraumaVenture

We are a Trauma-Informed Management Consulting firm based in Philadelphia providing subject matter expertise on the role of life-altering events in our world – individuals, organizations and communities. We consider these events in someone’s life and how it may manifest into the development of self-hood, leadership development as staff, and venture founder identity in the entrepreneurial landscape by bridging academic scholarship and venture management expertise.

Working with organizations, investors and communities interested in building resilient ecosystems and economies, TraumaVenture helps weave trauma and mental health into service delivery models, leadership pipeline development modules and working with individuals with history of trauma.

We work with Senior management, non-profit organizations, community developers interested in transforming organizations alongside grassroots communities.

Consulting includes developing service-delivery models, talent development and acquisition expertise, and tailored leadership development pipelines.


Traumatic events are deep-feeling emotional experiences shocking one’s core. Traumatic stress can be associated with lasting changes in brain areas.

TraumaVenture’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Cardesa, was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 1999 and, later on, with Complex Trauma.  She founded TraumaVenture to help reduce stigma around mental health conditions, widen leadership scholarship related to entrepreneurs with PTSD, and amplify the role of business in Post-Traumatic Stress Growth.

Upon realization of how trauma had changed the chemical composition of her brain and through living with recurring triggers of traumatic memory, Dr. Cardesa embarked on an academic journey to discover other individuals like herself were utilizing work as a healing agent of trauma.

Post-Trauma Leadership

At our core, we approach our consulting through the lens of cognitive diversity; weaving trauma and mental health into Diversity and Inclusion.

TraumaVenture considers histories of trauma and connects them to workplace models to offer you thoughtful solutions.

An Amygdala Nerd, Dr. Cardesa began her doctoral dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania on traumatic memory and social value creation in August 2009. It is her life’s mission to advocate to bring down stigma around mental health, bring cognitive diversity to the C-suite and help others with her story of discernment, conviction and grit.  



Academic Scholarship

Research-based Trauma-Informed Management Consulting and Trauma-Informed Program Development

Peer Practitioners

We get it. We, too, know firsthand what keeps people up at night with staff issues, organizational concerns and ideas for building inclusive environments.


For Leaders with Trauma

Trauma-Informed Executive Coaching. We are here to listen, and help.

Trauma-Informed Management

“Unlike other forms of psychological disorders, the core issue in trauma is reality.”
Bessel A. van der Kolk, Traumatic Stress: The Effects of Overwhelming Experience on Mind, Body, and Society


  • Let’s create an environment where we are a bit more mindful of someone else’s experiences.
  • Let’s create a space where we can better understand triggers and behaviors related to hypersensitivity and how these behaviors impact leadership development, staff morale and organizational culture.
  • Let’s broaden C-suite conversations around Diversity and Inclusion to include mental health