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Trauma Venture helps organizations and individuals address issues in the workplace. We weave mental health into Diversity and Inclusion conversations. We refer to our consulting as Trauma-Informed Management Strategy.

 Through academic scholarship, on-the-ground practitioner competence, and personal experiences with life-altering events, TraumaVenture applies decades of experience, pedagogy, and tools helping clients move toward establishing, implementing and monitoring elements for strategy success.

Trauma Venture offers a glimpse into “what’s happened” rather than “what’s wrongwith individuals and communities, and grounds resilience by looking at how individuals and communities turn pain into path, fear into faith and triggers into transformation.

We believe we all have a story and, through Trauma-Informed Management Consulting, we consider how those stories of trauma may manifest into talent recruitment, leadership development, and employee engagement.

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What is Trauma-Informed Management?

Developing Leaders


Being trauma-informed is a component of cultural competency; an approach to engage all people organizations serve, all staff, and those encountered while conducting business. The result is a shift in how the organization thinks of and responds day-to-day in their interactions with others.
Working on-site or directly with employees and job seekers, our Trauma-Informed Management training creates inclusive strategy for organizational change, meaningful talent development, meeting performance metrics, and building lasting social impact.
Research-based. Practitioner tested.

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