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We believe we all have a story and through Trauma-Informed Management Consulting, we consider how trauma may manifest in  leadership development, talent recruitment and employee engagement.

Whether designing trauma-informed management practices with organizations or providing trauma-centered executive coaching, TraumaVenture applies decades of experience, pedagogy, and tools helping clients move toward establishing, implementing and monitoring elements for success.

Through academic scholarship, on-the-ground practitioner competence, and personal experiences with life-altering events, grounds resilience by looking at how individuals and communities turn pain into path, fear into faith and triggers into transformation.

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Trauma-Informed Management Consulting

Trauma-Centered Executive Coaching

Wellness Reiki Sessions

Trauma is in our organizations.

In an organization of 10,000, we can expect that 7,000 have experienced some form of trauma and that 1,400 suffer from Post-traumatic stress. 

Trauma has always been part of us; it is a reality. We can help.


Research-based. Practitioner tested.

Too often, different individual behavior in the workplace results in the individual being marginalized, ostracized, or dismissed.  We can provide a sensitivity to the frame-of-reference of trauma experiences among talent.  Sessions take place on-location with companies or remotely with employees and job seekers.

Holistic approach to mental health through in-person or remote Reiki sessions for:

  • Releasing stress
  • Increasing mental clarity and focus
  • Boosting creativity

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